The Great Narrative: 10 Golden Decade Memes for 2022

The stories we tell about ourselves will determine what we become.
We are Gaians living on an interdependent planet. There is no Planet B.
We make sense of our world through the communities we belong to. Thank you Adam Robinson for this one!
The future belongs to us all. Instead of ‘The Pitchforks are coming’ a better narrative is Billionaires financing planetary transformation for the benefit of all.
The impact of our ancestors can be transmuted into a planetary purpose.
A thriving future depends on all of us finding our purpose and unleashing our potential.
Creation is the most powerful counterbalance to entropy. Systemic transformation takes design and creativity.
We need Planetary Talent for the Planetary Age. Talent is most essential capital for change.
Transformation accelerates exponentially as we decentralize our societies and systems.
We are the generation with the capacity to transform our world from extractive to regenerative.

“Why do narratives matter? As human beings and social animals, we are storytelling creatures, and the stories we tell (the narratives) are our fundamental tool of communication and transition. Narratives are how we make sense of life; they provide us with a context, thanks to which we can better interpret, understand and respond to the facts we observe. Most importantly, compelling narratives have the power to inspire us to act.”



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