Remember the Future 2030 — The Civana Dream

  • Yanling Duan of Davos BlockBase described China’s role in creating conscious education, social technology development, art and storytelling and internal health. She spoke of the assembly of a star troop where everyone is empowered to find their unique spot in the organic whole.
  • Bear Kittay of Good Money told us how we made the world work for 100% of humanity through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offence. He described how all citizens of the world will be stakeholders in the upside we co-create.
  • Lea Tarnowski of Averon told us how we established trust in the digital world and ended the era of fake news. In 2030 we will all own our identity, and be able to speak freely, authentically as ourselves.
  • Hans Raffauf of Clue told us how every girl in the world will own a smartphone and use it to manage their health and wellness to achieve SDG 3 — Good health and wellbeing.
  • Andras Forgacs of Modern Meadow described how we ended global warming by transforming the world of materials. He described the end of the slaughter of animals for meat and leather and the birth of a new revolution in bio-based material production. All leather products will be bio-fabricated.
  • Chris Kemp, Former CTO and CIO of NASA told us of how we be able to send anything to space and have a permanent human settlement on another planet that can sustain itself without the earth. We will have universal connectivity provided through satellites and be able to monitor the health of the planet as a unified system.
  • Sophie Monpeyssen of LeCiel Foundation described how we will know who we are, the sacred within and our unity with the planet. When we opened our hearts and realized that we are nature we transformed our collective consciousness.
  • Toni Lane Casserly of told us how artificial intelligence will free us of unnecessary labor and in turn free our individuality. She spoke of the end of scarcity politics into abundance for all humanity.
  • Mamadou Toure of Africa 2.0 Foundation told us of the decade of Africa rising and the eradication of poverty. He spoke of how we used the blockchain to leverage assets to redistribute wealth to the entire planet creating a world of equality, diversity, progress and enlightenment.
  • Carolina Guardiola Romo of We Are All Human told us of the role of Latin America in creating inclusion for the entire world and how the next generation united into force for good.
  • Andrew White, Associate Dean of Saïd Business School told us of the transformation of the education system to provide an understanding of planetary boundaries, to show that we are one, to help us understand ourselves, and from that self-awareness we will learn about the power and responsibility of capital to be in service of the greater good.
  • Alden Bevington of Civana told us of the creation of an operational platform for the SDG community that was not siloed. He told us of the convening of a design consortium that created the ecosystem and AI for the achievement of the SDGs.
  • Theo Cosmora of SDG Foundation spoke of an infinitive source of energy and currency lifted 4 billion people out of poverty.
  • Ocean Whitehawk concluded the evening by taking the attendees into a meditation that ended with a blessing, prayer and three OM’s.



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Lucian Tarnowski

Lucian Tarnowski

Founding Curator of Civana — A global community working together on humanity’s greatest challenges