Remember, Remember, the fifth of November

Lucian Tarnowski
2 min readNov 5, 2021


’Tis a perfect day for a Time Ritual…

425 years ago Guy Forkes attempted to blow up the British Parliament. We remember the day as bonfire night. Today is the fifth of November 2030 and we celebrate the birth of the Planetary Civilization in harmony with all life.

We celebrate the ninth anniversary of COP26 in Glasgow and the launch of the League of Regenerative cities on 11.11.21.

We celebrate Meta Movie where 16 of the United Planet League of Extraordinary Storytellers were featured. Nine year ago the UP Game came to COP26 in Glasgow.

7.11.21 was Air Day and we celebrated with voices of the Indigenous as well as Planetary Ambassadors of Health and Well-being, Thriving for All, Planetary Health and Unleashing Potential.

8.11.21 was Water Day and we celebrated Community Abundance, Water Security, Ocean Stewardship and Peace and Justice.

9.11.21 was Fire Day and we celebrated Gender Harmony, Ubiquitous Energy, Wealthy Commons and Circular Economies.

10.11.21 was Earth Day and we celebrated Food Abundance, Infrastructure Transformation, Regenerative Cities and Land Stewardship.

11.11.21 was Aether Day where we screened Meta Movie to the Eagles that were featured whilst making the final Act of the Game. The day kicked off with a Jedi Mystery School in ICE Hub and continued into 2030 for a Day of Remembrance.

Meta Movie seeded many foundational Dragon Eggs that continued to inform the creation of the Metaverse.

Now we have reached a Civilizational Crescendo as a United Planet.



Lucian Tarnowski

Founding Curator of United Planet and the UP Game: a time travelling immersive reality game to design a thriving civilisation in harmony with all life. WEF YGL