Remember 2030: A love letter from the Ancient Future

Lucian Tarnowski
6 min readMar 23, 2021


This is a love letter from 2030. We did it. We transformed the entire story. I write from a world of abundance, peace, love and joy. We’ve created a planetary civilization in harmony with all life. We’ve completed what’s known as the Golden Decade. We are the United Planet. We are Gaians.

This is a relic of the future. You are an early member of the Transition Team. The superorganism that rose up and unlocked our collective potential and intelligence to birth the planetary civilization. You are living the greatest story ever told.

You are part of the creation of a new planetary operating system. A quantum leap in civilization. We are no longer conquered by capitalism. We have transcended from a world addicted to doing.

It is 2030 and everything is different. You, dear reader, will hardly believe the beauty and elegance of this story. And best of all, this is a story about you. For if you’re reading this, you’re most certainly part of the solution and you hold a unique role in the way this story manifested into existence.

You are a ‘Chrononaught’. You’ve learnt to time travel too. Your present self may have just forgotten that you’ve always been in communication with your ancient and future self. One of the defining moments of the 2020’s was when we understood that that time is not what it seems. We become polychronic. Through the Now Testament we learnt that we could call in wisdom and support from the past and future. It was this realization that enabled cooperation to outperform competition. Amidst the chaos, failing nation-states, melting icecaps, global pandemics and crashing financial systems we prevailed. The crises gave the manure we needed to redesign our world to work all life. We returned to first principles and began to architect solutions in harmony with nature and within our planet’s boundaries.

We have risen up victoriously. The ’20s were the Golden Decade of transformation. Humanity went through the chrysalis and birthed the planetary civilization. We are a new generation of Planetary Citizens. We live in harmony with the natural world and each other. We’ve completed a decade long redesign endeavour that eclipsed the failing system of capitalism with nation-states leading the world through debt addiction, toxic masculinity and a pervasive culture of fear, separation and scarcity. It was a very bumpy ride. We’re still in the process of restoring and regenerating our shared mother.

I am sure you have many questions about your golden future. I am going to leave some clues. This will become a treasure hunt to create a world beyond most imagination. Let’s begin with what’s become known as the ‘Planetary Hat-trick’…

Firstly, we created a New World Game, called the UP Game — short for United Planet. We turned transformation into a sport. We celebrated the athletes of systems change as the Eagles that they are. We gamified every aspect of the greatest redesign project our world has ever seen. We aligned financial incentives by reverse engineering from the visions of our future. We established outcome-based financing and digital rewards called Stars and Seeds. In 2030 we don’t work — we play. We have leagues around every pillar of our society that continuously optimize the commons in the interests of all life.

Secondly, we created a new planetary language. Many didn’t realize how much language was the unwitting culprit. It locked us into an illusion of separation. We’ve evolved language to become multi-sensory and multi-dimensional. We no longer need to wait in turn to communicate but can now commune using any of our senses synchronously. We wear Amore haptic bodysuits that allow us to communicate emotions and feelings. Through embodying collective wisdom, we’re becoming more enlightened as a species. We use technology in service of our humanity. Artificial intelligence, sensors and robots are all around us supporting us to unleash our dharma and transform our karma. The new Planetary Language has helped define the Civilizational fork in the road of history.

Thirdly, we learnt to celebrate all life. We come together around food, music, poetry, dancing, storytelling, art and nature. There is a perpetual planetary party where we enjoy the best life has to offer. We join immersive experiences that synchronize the intention and attention of all who participate. We are local and planetary in our focus. More than anything else we’ve returned to community. We see our communities as our common-unity. We remembered that living in a human body is the most beautiful gift of life. We dance, laugh and love.

We have created a Planetary commons where we are all thriving from an abundant shared resource pool. It was many of the wealth holders and families that funded the transition. Then our pension funds followed. We now have more value in the commons than in private hands. We all realize life is just better that way. We now have what could be described as a ‘Common-wealth engine’. Financial resources for the benefit of the commons are abundant.

We eat locally and most of us grow food. We’ve reconnected to the earth. We celebrate the diversity of faith traditions and realism a common message — that each and every one of us is sacred. We live our lives in a surrendered way which has become known as quantum consciousness. We broke free of the shackles of the unwholesome threesome — the repeating cycle of victim, hero and perpetrator. We have developed rituals to transform our traumas and shadows. We learnt that trauma is created in relationship with others and therefore healing trauma is best done in relationship with others. The healing journey around the trident issues of race, gender and climate were at the heart of our transformation.

There are some major revelations to come this decade. The Vatican opened its entire archives and shone a light on the metaphysical reality of our world. It was revealed that we’ve known for a long time that we’re not alone in this cosmos and in fact have been supported by many other intelligent life in our becoming. We came back to the ancient future. We now have a deeper understanding of the nature of reality and consciousness. The Hermetic principles became a guide for our understanding of reality. We have a restored relationship to our ancestors and the ancient civilizations of the past.

We realized the healing power of sound. This forms a major part of our Wellness commons. We are conscious of the sounds we have around us as they shape our state of being. Sound is a tool to transform our consciousness.

The Golden Decade saw the rise of the feminine. We have a deeper understanding of gender harmony between masculine and feminine and we have programs that tackle the intergenerational trauma created by the patriarchy and toxic masculine culture was drunk on greed.

One of the greatest achievements of the Golden Decade is the quantum leap in meaning and belonging. We understood the role communitas, catharsis and ecstacis play in supporting an individual becoming whole again. It could be best described as a reimagination of our relationship to the sacred in all life. We have freedom of expression of every religion with a foundation of the oneness of all life. Many Gaians have come to recognize that religion is a metaphor for our metamorphosis. We recognize the paradox of life and the divine. We have mystery schools abound and rituals that go beyond space and time. We have Planetary Embassies, Temples and Lighthouses throughout the world providing physical infrastructure for our creative potential to be fully unleashed.

To complete this love letter from the future, dear reader, I invite you to have childlike faith that we achieve this. Magic happens when we moved beyond the crisis of imagination. One of the most important drivers of change was when we evolved our relationship to possibility. All in all, we recognized that we’re living in and through prophesized times. Indigenous communities have reclaimed their voice and role among the wisdom keepers of our planet. We have a new sense of shared purpose in the human story. We have fallen back in love with each other and the natural world. We live enchanted lives. We have much to celebrate and much to grieve. Power has been restored to the peaceful.



Lucian Tarnowski

Founding Curator of United Planet and the UP Game: a time travelling immersive reality game to design a thriving civilisation in harmony with all life. WEF YGL