World Soil Day: 11 transformative soilutions

Today is World Soil Day. I’ve been fascinated by soil for as long as I can remember. Soil health is a key pillar in planetary health. The UN estimates with the current destructive industrialized farming practices we only have 60 harvests left before our top soil is barren and unable to feed the planet. A third of the planet's soil is already acutely degraded and we are losing more than 30 soccer fields of soil every minute due to intensive farming.

The good news is: The Fourth Agricultural Revolution is here.

Fortunately, we already have countless soil, biodiversity and regenerative agriculture solutions. They are being prototyped and scaled in bioregions around the world. There are few areas I’m more excited about than the transformation towards regenerative agriculture and land stewardship. In fact, we kicked off the United Planet Land Stewardship Game in Ibiza on 1st December this week. Soil Health on the island is a major consideration for this league and I’m excited to see what plans emerge around this.

Some of my favourite organizations led by friends of mine and people I respect in this area include:

The cover image ‘Back to Soil and Soul’ was one of the Golden memes we shared this year in Davos. I felt it was an appropriate #heartgift for today. See more on the purpose of those memes here:

More helpful reading:



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Lucian Tarnowski

Founding Curator of Civana — A global community working together on humanity’s greatest challenges