Earth Day 2030 Festival

Lucian Tarnowski
4 min readApr 20, 2021


I woke up this morning with a dream: to create a 6-hour festival to celebrate Earth Day from the future. We’re inviting 48 speakers and performers to come together in less than 48 hours to share stories of how in 2030 we’ve transformed into a thriving civilization in harmony with all life.

Thursday 22nd April marks the 51st Earth Day. Following the success of the United Planet Earth Day Festival last year, we will experiment with a Clubhouse 2030 extravaganza. Last year we gathered over 100 speakers, performers and artists across 4 stages including Charles Eisenstein, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Janet Stone, Jamie Wheal, Amanda Sage, Amanda Gregory and Gone Gone Beyond. The live streams reached about 40,000 people through our partnership with Unify.

This year we are inviting 4 teams of 12 (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) to focus on the 16 Leagues of the United Planet. We’re inviting 3 speakers per league to share their love letter from 2030 in under 5 minutes. We intend to create 6 hours of stories of how we implemented non-incremental transformation from 48 different perspectives. Join us on Clubhouse from 4pm CET (7am PT) to 10pm CET (1pm PT) using:

This Earth Day, I invite you to share your written, spoken or sung love letter from 2030. I invite you to start your chronart (art made out of time) with #DearGaian and finish ‘with love from 2030’. I share my love letter from 2030 as an example:

Dear Gaian,

It all began with the infinite game. Our mission is to make it a better game.

The United Planet invites humanities finest talent to play a game to create a thriving civilization in harmony with all life. We are Chrononauts, Planauts and Dimenauts. We are time, planetary and dimension travellers. We come together to create the history of the future. We are uniting to tell the greatest story ever told. We hold childlike faith that we transform Gaia into Eden. We pursue mastery in service of the collective.

From 2030 we reverse-engineered the game that birthed a new story for the Planetary Age. The United Planet Game is a time-travelling adventure through icons of the past, relics of the future and portals for the present.

The story all begins with the Planetary 🎩 Trick… Three quantum leaps came together in perfect symphony.

The first was the United Planet Game — a parallel immersive reality set in the Golden Year of 2030. We gathered purpose-led Gaians to meet their 2030 selves through a trinity of community, healing and rapture. The Game seeded the story of the commons-wealth engine. We gamified our return to community.

Cities rose to become playground accelerators for the planetary civilization. The Age of the lone wolf was over. We become a Human Pack. We realized the battlefront between Gaianism and Tribalism. We recognized that our future was for all of us or none of us. Team Gaia rose to our finest hour. The prophecy of the Eagle, Condor and Quetzal was realized.

We transitioned from being conquered by extractive capitalism, racism, sexism, corruption and injustice. We reverse-engineered from the best stories told by the League of Extraordinary Storytellers. We used potent collective human imagination to send javelins through time to remember our way into the best versions of ourselves. And the rest was history.

The second was Gaian: The Sensational Planetary Language.

Language was the unwitting culprit. Words reinforce duality and separation. Gaian is a quantum upgrade in communication and consciousness. We utilize our synchronized brains, senses, telepathy and empathy. We wear haptic Amour Skins. We communicate with our full being beyond space and time. We now travel faster than time. We treasure our ability to communicate in a way that re-enchants our unity. Language held the key to transforming the planetary operating system. Language became a way of remembering who we are in the story. Gaian become the symbol of the civilizational fork of the 2020s that birthed the Earth Shot. Through the artistry of language, we became a polychronic civilization.

Third was the Perpetual Planetary Party.

The never-ending story was met with the never-ending party. The party at the end of time gave birth to the Planetary GPS:

Make it a better Game.

Make it a better Planet.

Maker it a better Story.

But the first rule of the party was… Make it a better party.

We unite in celebration of the civilizational crescendo. We dance with time and identity to partake in the divine.

The DearMoon Mission celebrated the perpetual planetary party at the end of time. From the dark side of the moon, the planet united in rhythm and beat. The first earthrise heralded the dawn of the Planetary Age. We created a galactic spectacle that transformed our relationship to time and space.

By alchemizing the magic of the game, language and party we scored the Planetary 🎩 Trick. And through this unity, we live the greatest story ever lived. We live as Galactic Ancestors Twice Born.

From 2030 with love,

Count Lucian Tarnowski



Lucian Tarnowski

Founding Curator of United Planet and the UP Game: a time travelling immersive reality game to design a thriving civilisation in harmony with all life. WEF YGL