Celebrating a Heroine of the future: Nichol Bradford

Nichol Bradford is a friend I deeply respect and am inspired by. This Forbes interview is a very clear portal into many of the most exciting transformations I also believe are underway during this Golden Decade.

I celebrate the heroines of our time such as Nichol. I have come to the belief that the biggest thing holding back humanity is a crisis of imagination and hope. Many no longer believe in the promise of the future. The Edelman Trust Barometer global survey reports 80% of ‘us’ believe the global system is broken and two-thirds of ‘us’ believe the future will be worse than the present. Society can’t handle this. We’re in a Meta-crisis of meaning. However, just reading Nichol’s brilliant interview shows what’s coming. Non-incremental transformation at every single level of the system is inevitable. There is a pathway through where humanity rises to our finest hour by unleashing our collective potential on redesigning every aspect of our United Planet so that we may all thrive.

I am so happy to collaborate with brilliant leaders of these times such as Nichol. Many of the insights Nichol shares such as unleashing potential, flourishing cities and community design are central to my deepest passion and interests. I’ve attended Nichol’s TransTech conference and it is the closest thing one can get to a collective Tardis. In my list of people I see in the history of the future, Nichol is towards the very top! I invite you to have a read!


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Lucian Tarnowski

Founding Curator of Civana — A global community working together on humanity’s greatest challenges